About Us


You Name it,
certainly, we can capture it and even create the scene you require to suit your needs the best.

Maternity, Newborn and Kids
Mothers are the doorway of our life. Capturing the moments of an expectant mother eagerly waiting for the child growing inside her to be born in this world is the most captivating and a delightful experience. When the bundle of joy eventually comes, capturing the delight of mothers and fathers is most satisfying experience. I can also be quirky capturing the babies and toddlers’ moments.

Pets and Sports
If you have a pet and thinking it’s a hard task for a photographer to snap and freeze his/her movements, please search no further! you found the photographer you are looking for. We are dog lovers and we know how to photograph animals indoors or outdoors. Dogs, Cats, Horses, Sheep, Birds – you name it, we can produce the best snapshots of your pets.

Portrait, Lifestyle & Headshot
Another gender of Photography, indeed is Lifestyle and Portraiture which there is no doubt what makes us a unique photographer is how we to capture the real life and natural snapshot. It doesn’t necessarily mean as candid shots, but it definitely relates to characterization of every individual front of my camera in the best possible way.

Real Estate and Landscape
Taking pictures of landscapes and architecture makes me so involved with nature as well as concrete and other artificial perspectives. I always enjoy the sunrise shoot even in cold season with or without company.

Product and Commercial
All the materials created by energy, therefore there need to be some kind of connection in order to capture your products. We photography it in a way to impress your target.

Weddings and other Events
In every wedding I join as Photographer or Videographer, makes me feel special to have a chance to imprint the first happiest moments between Brides and Grooms and of course their families. I love to be part of it for many good reasons. We meet for a coffee prior booking to discuss all details to know more about couple and the event.
I feel so lucky to have shared in many beautiful occasions from young couple starting a lifetime of love and happiness to older couples who still experiencing different way of love. We also shoot same-sex marriages, renewal of vows, elopements, mature weddings and also impromptu weddings as other traditional weddings and ceremonies.

Beauty, Boudoir and Fashion
We so lucky to have a professional Hair/Makeup artist and stylist with us to help create many styles and looks as you wish. If you thinking of surprising your partner with Glamour photo to be printed on walls or photobook, we do it all. It also requires post production to make the beauty even more beautiful which we do it to the highest level.

Same as Wedding photography, we meet prior the event to share what we do with couples as well as asking you what exactly you would like to achieve, details of venue and Etc. We use best recording gears and by having creative mind, makes us to produce a unique video for you and your family members to watch is and be part of the ceremony.

About us:
We are a team of hair/makeup artist, stylist, Photographer and videographer in Sydney, NSW. We based in Norwest of Sydney but doing it all over Sydney. This is our passion and we don’t mind to spend time for getting to you anywhere here and doing the post production with the best quality possible.
We would love to work with you and deliver you the files you impatiently after!